I’ve been a computer nerd my whole life.
My first computer (my dad’s) was a dual eight inch floppy drive TeleVideo.
My first gaming rig was an Apple II+. (Hi Woz!)
I’ve read Applied Cryptography, and the Jargon file.
And listened to every episode of “Off The Hook”.

My passion for learning began during the formative years. And as with so many, being the introvert I am, this got directed to learning and understanding computers. But my understanding didn’t really take off until late 1999 when I first discovered Minix and then Linux and the GNUs that brought it all to life.

How a computer works… networking, graphics, file systems, terminals, the command line. The power of the command line. Microsoft hid much from the user. I had discovered GNU/Linux… and I wanted to learn it all.

Two decades later, I haven’t learned it all, but I’m working on it.

Oh, and I also love to teach.